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Bringing Drug Rehabilitation Home


Thank you for saving the love of my life, giving him a fresh start and having the most caring staff I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for all you’ve done for him.

For the first time ever through my addiction I truly feel I will make it through this and stay clean. Its because of the people who work here. They believe in you right away.

Everyone at Pomarri has been great to me and so friendly and willing to help. I feel they treat me as friends, not just a client. Thanks guys!

Pomarri has been such a great learning experience, and has become quite a positive impact on my life. Even though I was curt ordered to come here, I’d still enjoy coming back.

Pomarri welcomed me with open arms and still does no matter what. It’s like my second family. This is the first treatment out of my almost 10 year substance abuse history that has not only worked, but goes above and beyond with helping me with any issues and helps me prepare for the life I will be living once this all said and done. They gave me confidence and excitement that I otherwise would have never had. Thanks!

So far everyone has been great and really helpful. Looking forward to being part of Pomarri.

It was great, loved every second.

Great and friendly service.

Its freakin awesome!

Pomarri has saved my life.

You saved my mom’s life! Thanks.

Amazing , I have a whole new life! Everyone here is so kind and guided me with tenderness. I have never had more hope for the future than I do now! Thank you!

Pomarri is a sincere caring professional center. There is no place better to be than Pomarri.

My experience has been one of being in a circle of family support. They are always there for me day or night and have made me feel better. Between the counseling and the nursing, I have really been doing this quite painlessly.

I have tried multiple treatment facilities in the past and Pomarri has been the best by far! The staff here actually care about our success. I love it here.

Pomarri saved my life! It was the exact place I needed to be during a tough time, and they took me in with open arms.

Pomarri is a great place and the people here are awesome. Thanks for Tara and the Vivitrol shot, and all the other awesome employees here at Pomarri. This place and the Vivitrol shot have saved my life. Being clean is so Awesome and wonderful! I love this place and the people!
WW/ Springville

I like the entire staff. From the first visit everyone has been kind and always willing to help, even beyond a professional level. Thanks to all of you.
Lehi, UT

I truly feel like the staff are vested in my recovery. They truly care!
RS/Highland Utah

Nothing feels forced on me at Pomarri. A lot of my appointments have been at night, so it doesn’t interfere with my other appointments. Thank you!
RE/Provo Utah

I have been to other treatments. I think Pomarri is the best I have experienced. I really like the way we feel, like we have no pressure. We get to work our own treatment program, more comfortable.
LK/Lehi Utah

Pomarri is the best treatment program I have been involved in. They do a good job at believing in you and helping you believe in yourself!
BL/Orem Utah

I enjoy the family like atmosphere that the staff provides at Pomarri. I would like more staff and client activates, like movie night.
SD/SF, Utah

I had almost given up hope for a change in my son’s life –LDS social services referred us to Pomarri. I thought here we go again. To my surprise this has been a great experience. A caring staff and a new approach. In a short period of time my son’s attitude and behavior has changed. Thanks Pomarri!
HTS (parent) Highland UT

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Warning Signs
of Dependency Include:

  • Overwhelming desire to use the drug of choice at a specific time or several times a day.
  • Attempting to stop using the drug and failing.
  • Using the substance to cope with problems.
  • Needing higher and more frequent doses of the substance to receive the same effect.
  • Appearance of withdrawal symptoms if dose is missed or reduced.

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above, you or a loved one may be struggling with addiction. WE CAN HELP.