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Bringing Drug Rehabilitation Home

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment & Detox

You no longer have to leave your responsibilities to be admitted to inpatient care for a lengthy and expensive stay. Our program is done in an outpatient setting with evening appointments available. Based on extensive experience, as well as recent clinical studies, it has been found that a longer detoxification episode resulted in lower relapse rates. At Pomarri, our outpatient substance abuse treatment & detoxification programs ranges from 8-12 weeks. We are committed to assisting each client find the reason and strength to CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOR GOOD!

Meet Our Team

Tara Gleave, DON, Founder

outpatient substance abuse treatment team

Brent Cunningham, LSUDC Program Director

Chellsea McClellan, Business Office & Admissions Director

Teri Ivie, Director of Operations

Dr. Jason Andersen, DO, Psychiatrist

Travis Ritchie, LCSW

Jordan Zabriskie, MSCJ – Day Treatment Director

Robyn M. Day, SUDC

Kelly Jensen, ASUDC

Ann Coburn, SUDC

Andrew Fretwell, RN, BSN

Tami Robinson, RN

Melisa Hess, RN, Patient Care Coordinator

Byron Marquez, Front Office Manager

Warning Signs
of Dependency Include:

  • Overwhelming desire to use the drug of choice at a specific time or several times a day.
  • Attempting to stop using the drug and failing.
  • Using the substance to cope with problems.
  • Needing higher and more frequent doses of the substance to receive the same effect.
  • Appearance of withdrawal symptoms if dose is missed or reduced.

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above, you or a loved one may be struggling with addiction. WE CAN HELP.