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Medically-Assisted Treatment of Substance Abuse

Pomarri Outpatient Treatment Center is a dual diagnosis, fully licensed, and JACHO accredited Facility. Pomarri utilizes Medication–Assisted Treatment (MAT) including the use of Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Subutex.

We have coupled our MAT program with both group and individual therapy. We’ve found that by effectively combined a medically-assisted treatment program with either intensive group or individual therapy, our clients’ likelihood of success also increases.

At Pomarri we utilize a highly personal and professional approach with our clients.

We understand that there is always an underlying reason for substance abuse, whether it be depression, anxiety, abuse, or neglect and that the most effective way to treat addiction is to identify and mitigate the root issue.  

Therefore, we understand the importance of connecting you with highly specialized and experienced medical staff.

Our medical staff has over 50 years of combined experience in treating both substance abuse and mental health issues.

4 Ways We Help You Recover Faster!

Our evidence-based approach to addiction recovery is based on four key principles:


We help our clients discover, understand and believe that lasting recovery is the result of wanting change for themselves, and not someone else.


Each client learns real-world coping strategies designed to help them face and overcome the various thinking errors, false beliefs, and negative behaviors which initially led them to addiction and how to continually incorporate those strategies throughout the rest of their lives.


We guide our clients in first rebuilding or strengthening their support system so they can rely on them when life gets rough.


Lasting recovery is best achieved by those who choose to remain within their lives and find their recovery within the life they’ve created, no matter how hard it may be.

At Pomarri, we believe recovery at home, coupled with evidenced-based treatment modalities provides each client with the best chance of achieving both total sobriety, and the necessary strategies to truly break free from the ties which bind them to addiction.

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