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At Pomarri – drug treatment center, we believe:

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  • Recovery shouldn’t interfere with your work or personal schedule.
  • You should always be able to afford addiction recovery. Pomarri wants to help you, not break your bank account.

We understand the cycle of addiction – it can be interrupted and stopped. We will assist each individual through the process of regaining the life awaiting them & celebrating every success. We can help drug and alcohol addiction became a memory in the past. We are committed to assisting each person find the reason and strength to…



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Additional Information

Addiction and Substance Abuse

          It is no secret that most people come into contact with harmful substances which can lead to abuse and addiction. Often, an individual finds themselves entrapped by an overpowering addiction before they realize there is something wrong. With both the ample pressure for social acceptance and the growing stress of daily life, people are finding themselves relying on substances more and more. Even more alarming is the average age of a person struggling with substance abuse now begins as early as the age of twelve. 

          As more and more people struggle with addiction and society grows further and further apart, it can feel overwhelming when considering where to turn to for help. Addiction makes you feel isolated and alone. An absence of meaningful relationships in your life drives the desire to find a way to cope. These feelings of loneliness and a need to find a way to handle negative emotions can drive an addict to more and more substance abuse or to more harmful and dangerous behaviors. 

          The Center for Disease Control estimates 114 people die on a daily basis because of drug overdose. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration conducted a survey to find ways to address the growing problem of substance abuse and addiction. They found that 90 percent of individuals who would benefit most from a drug rehab program do not receive treatment. Anyone struggling with addiction is not alone and drug rehab centers have programs that can change your life. Help is available to you as it has been for a great number of individuals in the United States who are also struggling with addiction. 

          A National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) conducted in 2017 showed that 19.7 million American’s 12 years or older had battled a substance use disorder. Of those same adults suffering from substance abuse, 74 percent of them also struggled with alcohol abuse. This same survey showed that 1 out of 8 adults had problems with both alcohol and drug abuse simultaneously. 

          It was also shown in the NSDUH survey that 8.5 million Americans suffered from a mental health disorder along with substance abuse, drug addiction, or alcohol addiction. These alarming statistics show how important a matter substance or drug abuse is and how necessary it has become to provide solutions and treatment to help. Addiction is seldomly overcome alone and Pomarri is here to help. Drug rehabilitation, detox, and sober living are possible for you or a loved one who may be suffering. But like any worthwhile goal, the process requires effort. 

          Anyone struggling with substance abuse, drug addiction, and mental health concerns need only make the first step of identifying the problem and taking action towards change. You no longer have to struggle alone and Pomarri will be with you, step by step, until you are living your best life substance-free. 

How Addiction Forms

          Addiction treatment begins by understanding how substance abuse affects and changes the brain. Once a chemical enters the brain, it begins to alter the natural chemistry by changing the stimulation reward system. This can lead people to lose control of their impulses, crave harmful and dangerous substances, and will eventually lead to brain damage or death. 

          Among the leading causes of addiction is genetics. Your genetics may account for 40-60 percent of your risk. This means that if you begin to participate in substance use, you are at a greater risk of becoming addicted or the addiction will be exponentially worse. 

          Environmental factors also increase a person’s risk of addiction. A chaotic home environment, abuse, peer influence, community attitude towards drugs and drug-related behaviors, poor academic environment, or parental attitude toward drug use. Drug rehabilitation is designed to help people by helping them overcome addictions physically and mentally. 

          The type of drug used as well as the frequency of use has a major impact on a drug addict’s brain. The more someone uses the drug and continues to use it the greater the impact and addiction can become. This can lead to an obsession with using the substance and those addicted will put themselves at greater risk to obtain more. As a result, people afflicted with addiction begin to act like completely different people which will often affect their relationships with friends and family. 

          When strong and powerful chemicals found in drugs enter the bloodstream and begin to be received by the brain, the limbic system is immediately influenced. The limbic system is the part of our brain which regulates strong emotions necessary to survive. Our basic survival instincts, our need to obtain food, need to rest, need to breathe, desire to engage in sexual intercourse, are all controlled by this section of our brain. It often deals with what is necessary for the next 30 seconds of survival. The result of changes in our limbic system is a detrimental change that causes an addict to associate using it as necessary for survival. The frontal cortex, the portion of our brains which controls thought and logic, does not react as quickly or effectively which is why a person can understand that there is a problem and have a desire to change while continuing to engage in further substance abuse. It goes beyond simple understanding that you need to change. Rewriting and changing your brain and the limbic system after it has been altered can be a difficult process which most can not undertake alone. 

          When the brain’s reward system is hacked by a drug, the brain rewards itself and encourages the addiction. This causes a roller-coaster-like effect on a person’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Withdrawal is a common occurrence, the strength of which is generally associated with the power of the substance. Addiction changes the brain after extended substance use which may cause an individual to develop a tolerance to its effect leading them to take more. The drug may also induce a sense of dependency for the high volume of chemicals to be maintained in the system to establish a sense of false normalcy. 

          Withdrawal symptoms often need professional treatment to be addressed and properly resolved. Seeking professional assistance with professionals as part of a rehabilitation program can help an individual overcome addiction and reduce the likelihood of a relapse. 

Types of Addictions

          Alcohol addiction can affect a wide variety of individuals who do not understand that alcohol itself is classified as a depressant drug and that they can become addicted. Alcohol is widely available and anyone who is the proper age is allowed to purchase and consume with as much frequency the individual desires. This can easily lead to abuse since the alcohol, which is an acting depressant, targets the nervous system, and slows down vital functions. This alteration of senses and motor functions is made even more dangerous by the impairment of vision, thinking, understanding, and reasoning. Alcohol dependency and addiction can lead to more serious behavior changes such as mood or personality. Additional dangers included with continual abuse and drinking lead to the amplification of existing mental health issues. 

          Opiate and opioid addiction has become a leading cause of drug-related death in the United States and is a major problem in the State of Utah. Those who try to overcome opioid addiction without help relapse quickly and most do not find success. Pomarri offers the tools needed to beat the strong addiction cycle of opioid addiction fast. The reason Opiate addiction is so powerful is due to the body failing to produce endorphins which are essential for normal human functions. The body stops producing endorphins because it receives the opiates instead. This leads to the degeneration of nerve cells and creates an overpowering dependency on this external supply. 

          Methadone addiction occurs when this powerful synthetic narcotic is taken by the patient and dependency is created. Methadone is an opiate that is safer than the related opiate drugs such as morphine and heroin. Due to its pain-relieving effects, it can be prescribed by a physician to help an individual in need. This drug is also provided for treating addiction by doctors who work with specialized methadone clinics. Unfortunately, due to its power, it can lead to addiction similar to other opiate abuse. Recovery includes both medical detoxing and psychological therapy. 

          There are many other addictions that are caused by substance abuse or dependency created by the consumption of chemicals or substances into the human body. Other Common Addictions treated at Pomarri include: 

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Substance Abuse Addiction (general term)
  • Opiate / Opioid Addiction
  • Stimulant Addiction
  • CNS Depressant Addiction
  • Over-the-Counter OTC Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Marijuana Addiction
  • Nicotine Addiction
  • Painkiller Addiction
  • Inhalants Addiction

Treatment and Rehabilitation Program Basics

          At Pomarri, we believe that you will be able to overcome your addiction and that recovery does not have to affect your personal or work schedule. By being both flexible and affordable, Pomarri helps make addiction recovery a true possibility. 

          Rehabilitation begins with an understanding of the cycle of addiction. This understanding leads to the ability to interrupt and stop the cycle which will give you a new chance. Treatment is different for every individual and our rehab center is dedicated to helping assist each individual through the process. As you regain the life that awaits you, we will help you to celebrate every success and work past your struggles and weaknesses. We are committed to assisting each person find the reason and strength to change their lives for good. 

          Drug rehab can be extraordinarily costly on top of drastically disruptive to your life. It is common for those seeking drug rehab treatment to look for inpatient treatment. Addiction treatment in an inpatient program often requires you to uproot your life and move into a rehab facility for your drug addiction treatment. Residential treatment can be effective for extreme cases but Pomarri has achieved great success with its patients by allowing them to participate in a rehab program that doesn’t require temporary residency within the facility.  Instead, Pomarri offers a range of addiction treatments, including outpatient rehab, to assist you on your way to recovery while keeping you in your life.  

          The medically assisted detox program requires no extended stay which allows you to stay with your friends and family while giving you the ability to recover in a safe environment. The rehab program is not meant to take you out of your life, but to allow you to continue to live it while you’re recovering. Pomarri’s rehab center offers detoxification which ranges from 8-12 weeks. Our treatment center will assist you during this time to establish the strength and reason to change your life for good. 

          Our intensive outpatient program is designed to deliver the same level of treatment that would be offered to any patient who takes up residency in a facility or center. Outpatient treatment allows you to receive the treatment you need without needing to live on-site. This means you will not have to take time off work, spend time away from your family, or leave school. An intensive outpatient program is an effective option for those seeking drug addiction treatment who don’t want to be uprooted from their lives   

How Outpatient Therapy Can Help

          The intensive outpatient rehab program educates clients on effective strategies for maintaining long-term sobriety. Therapy goes beyond drug treatment. It incorporates behavioral therapy, group therapy sessions, and individual counseling sessions. Our interaction will result in comprehensive learning in regards to coping skills and how to make use of them in your life. 

          Addictions are rooted in co-occurring psychological disorders that take time to heal while you are being supported in a positive manner. Our behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis, and counseling will help you with any mental health disorder that has developed alongside your addiction and substance abuse. 

          Since Pomarri is a medically based rehab center, our in-house detox requires patients to maintain drug treatment during the entirety of the medical portion of treatment. Patients here at Pomarri are surrounded and supported by countless individuals who are there to help. Each treatment program is individualized to ensure that each patient succeeds in both their recovery and personal life goals. 

A Program For Complete Physical and Mental Rehab

          Part of choosing any drug rehab program is understanding the drug rehab center’s goals and how it will assist you with addiction recovery, mental health, and sober living. Pomar’s program includes a variety of programs to offer a well-rounded treatment. These programs are: 

  • Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills
  • How to Recognize, Confront, and Handle Triggers
  • Health and Nutritional Study
  • Family and Relationship Education
  • Continuing Care
  • Anger Management/Domestic Violence
  • Relaxation and Meditation Skills
  • Phases of Recovery
  • Deactivation of Cravings
  • Avoiding and Preventing Dangerous Situations
  • Having Good Times without Substances
  • Thought Distortions
  • Coping with Pain and Prescription Medications
  • Preparing for Stressful Situations
  • Assessing your Social Life
  • Stress Management
  • Distress Tolerance Skills 
  • Neurobiological aspects of the Brain and Addiction
  • Looking ahead: Making Plans and Goals to Achieve your Dreams
  • Personal Spirituality
  • Issues of the Recovering Family
  • Developing Healthy Relationships
  • Codependency
  • Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Self-Esteem and Acceptance
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Grief and Loss

          You should never have to go through recovery alone. We are here to support you completely which means when you are with Pomarri you are home. Addiction recovery requires help without judgment and kindness and understanding from people who’ve overcome the same struggles you are going through. 

Pomarri’s Facility and the Areas we Serve

          Our program is focused on providing you treatment without taking you out of your life. We are a local Utah drug rehab center with locations to conveniently serve the communities of Provo, Orem, Lehi, Draper, Pleasant Grove, and Spanish Fork. Pomarri’s treatment facility is designed to serve our clients so they remain close to home.

          Our drug rehab center provides a location to receive the medical and emotional support required to recover from overpowering addictions. Pomarri’s drug rehab program is designed to keep you in as much of your life as possible and serves as the treatment provider you need to recover. Trust your health and future to Pomarri who can help you overcome the struggle of addiction so you can live your best life. 

          We’ve seen first hand how treatment can help people with addictions regain stability in all aspects of their life. Many individuals who complete rehab, engage in post-rehab counseling and recommended activities, stop partaking or utilizing addictive substances. But the best way to determine how effective a drug rehab will be for you or someone you love is to see the actual quality of care we provide. Quality care is a major contributor to success. When you have good care, stay with the program for its entire duration, and afterwards continue to practice the skills you will learn, then you truly can find yourself living your best life. 

Sober Living and Relapse Prevention

          The end goal is for you to enjoy your life to the fullest. Pomarri knows that a strong sobriety can get you there. What would be the purpose of drug rehab if not to provide full addiction recovery? 

          The relapse rate for substance use disorders is estimated to be between 40 and up to 80 percent. For alcohol addiction and alcoholism, the relapse is even higher, reaching up to 90 percent with relapse occurring during the first four years of sobriety. 

          We understand that there are stages of relapse and that it is not a single event but a series of events that form a process. The stages of relapse begin with an emotional relapse, then a mental relapse, and finally a physical relapse. Preventing relapses and continuing to live sober is a daily effort that is made possible through the tools, knowledge, and support we can provide.  Sober living after treatment can be achieved and relapses into old behavior or drug use can be prevented. 

          Helping our patients establish good mental health is quintessential to true addiction recovery. Individual counseling ensures that every individual that comes to Pomarri is treated as an independent person who has independent needs. We are all different and our being able to help you in your individual recovery is the most important thing to Pomarri. However, this doesn’t mean you are alone. Though everyone has different experiences and may have addictions that vary dramatically, there are other people who understand what you are going through and through this shared experience can help. 

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