Drug Rehab & Addiction Center in Utah

Ambien and Lunesta Addiction

Trouble Sleeping? Many people come into Pomarri addicted to either ambien or lunesta, both new sleeping pills that are marketed as safer and less addictive than previous drugs.  Demand for sleeping pills have increased dramatically over the past few years — about 4% every year. google cast extension android In 2011, nearly 60 million sleep aid…
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Suboxone and Vivitrol

There are a few different medical treatments that are used to treat addictions such as heroin and other opiates, such as suboxone and vivitrol.  These treatments help manage withdrawal symptoms and also can decrease the risk of relapse.  Read on to learn more.

Different Types of Stress

As a recovering addict, it is important that you manage your stress effectively to help you avoid relapse.  However, it can be difficult to do so as there are many different types, each with its own symptoms and cure.  Read on to learn about the three different types of stress, and what can be done…
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How Addiction Affects Friends

Welcome back to our series about the effects of addiction.  We have previously discussed how addiction affects the family, and how it affects coworkers (in case you missed it, you can click the links to read about them).  Today we will be discussing how addiction affects friends.  

How Addiction Affects Coworkers

Today we continue our series on how addiction affects those in an addict’s life.  If you missed the opening post on how addiction affects families, you can find that here.  Today we will be exploring how addiction affects coworkers.  

How Addiction Affects Family

One of the lies addicts tell themselves is that their drug use only affects them.  Unfortunately, that is not true.  It intimately affects everyone in an addict’s life.  Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing the effects that addiction has on friends, family, coworkers, etc.  Read on to learn how addiction affects the…
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Talking with Your Friend about Substance Abuse

You’ve noticed that your friend has changed. She’s unable to hold up her responsibilities at home and at work. She’s let some of the hobbies and friends that used to mean so much to her slip away. You’re concerned that her habits with drugs or alcohol are impairing her life, and that she may not…
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Opening a Conversation about Substance Abuse with Your Teen

As a parent, you know that something is wrong with your teen, but you’re worried about broaching the topic. In fact, you’ve probably already had a few conversations, and they haven’t gone well. Conversations about substance abuse are fraught with sensitive feelings, accusations, blame, and defensiveness. It can go south quickly. How can you communicate…
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Facts about Mushrooms

Mushrooms are well known throughout society as a hallucinogenic substance that are able to cause illusions in people’s’ brains. However, not a lot is commonly known about the history and effects that mushrooms actually have on your body. Although not nearly as dangerous as many other illicit substances, hallucinogenic mushrooms are a drug that has…
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It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

“Hope knows no fear. Hope dares to blossom even inside the abysmal abyss. Hope secretly feeds and strengthens.” -Sri Chinmoy. According to the National Coalition for Cancer Suvivorship, hope “is essential for managing and adjusting to an illness.” This illness can be mental or physical, long or short term, or life-altering. So what is hope?…
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